Artist Residency at IAA

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Energy

The new year with its lengthening days, and this late January icicle melting sun must have warmed, and awakened within me, a new urge for action.

I have been moving forward positively on many fronts. A fellow artist (Stephanie Mckay of Rivulette, and I have been tromping around town looking for the perfect art making home for our creative endevers. A studio, with ample space and convenient to down town Burlington. The catch, it must be very, very affordable. We have seen a few and expect to see a few more on Monday. Perhaps soon the Flying Turtle will have a place to bed down.

This past week I have been in major book production mode. I have finished eight so far. Many have paper quilt collages on the covers, and decorative longstitch bindings. I keep developing new designs which keeps the stitching exciting.

Last night I came home very inspired from a brush-making workshop at the BCA clay studio where I learned how to make real animal hair brushes. The focus of the class was to make brushes for glazing potter. I am also very excited to experiment with the brushes for watercolor painting.

Well, guess I'll sign out and see which way the next breeze blows me. I am excited to see where this new year is headed.